Prague, 2017

What happens in Prague stays in Prague.. this is what me and my friend tell each other. Find out why…….

Prague is such a beautiful place rich in history and cultural heritage. We spend 2.5 days here as part of a Prague Budapest trip. Well quite honestly this was supposed to be a couple trip and I was meant to go with my ex. I booked this trip via Groupon back in August and I found an amazing deal. It was £160 each including flights, hotels (4 stars) and transfer from Prague to Budapest. We broke up early September. But do we want to waste this trip? Ofcourse not! I’ve been dreaming of going to Budapest for years so a BIG NO!

A friend of mine, Joyce, saved me and volunteered to come with me. She got her own plane tickets but we used the same hotel and transfer bookings.

So going back to Prague. On our first night, we went to a lovely local restaurant with live jazz..Here we ate the famous Goulache and Dumplings (Please do not expect the Asian dumplings like I did). It was an amazing experience, We paid I believe €44 each for a full day all-inclusive tour on our first morning. This included pick up from the hotel, walking tour that allows you to see 36 landmarks, river tour with snacks, Medieval themed lunch and some freebies! The quality of the tour was great and our tour guide was amazing so I can totally recommend this tour specially if you’re not staying long in the city.


Here comes the wild part… We joined a pub crawl.. by the way, there will be a lot of ‘pub crawl ambassadors’ in the main square trying to convince you to sign up to theirs. We found that the one we went with was really good as we liked the bars and it included the allegedly biggest club in Central Europe: Karlovy Lazne.

The pub crawl starts with a ‘Power Hour’ (lol – this is also a terminology we use at work) – where you have an hour of free unlimited drinks. With my Filipino stinginess kicking in, of course, I took advantage of the free drinks and may have drunk one too much! We then moved to different bars and got free welcome shots in each of them. The rest my dearests is history because I left them in Prague…


During our free times, we roamed around and tried some street foods (try the Chimney cakes OMG) and watched street artists perform.

Our stay was short but very meaningful and we made sure that we were making the most of it.


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